Fluid Inventory Control Systems – Premium Wireless
December 7, 2015
Fluid Inventory Control – Standard
December 7, 2015
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Fluid Inventory Control – Premium Wired

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  • Capacity up to 16 fluids dispatched to a maximum of 384 dispense points.
  • Electronic queing of up to 900 dispenses from a PC.
  • User friendly PC data interface with reporting and tank monitoring capabilities.
  • Job ticket printer, available with keypad, clearly reports all dispensing data.
  • PIN identification for up to 999 operators, with separate management passwords.
  • Monitors and controls up to 16 tanks, 12 with sen-probes.
  • Dispenses in quarts, pints, letters or gallons.
  • Totalizes tank levels in gallons or liters.


  • Simultaneous dispenses, one per zone or keypad.